Saturday, January 15, 2011

Humans and Their Ability to Live in Higher Gravity

I found this on my computer. WTH?

Purpose: To determine what effect, if any, higher gravity has upon humans.

Method: Examine a human performing a normal, everyday task, first at normal gravity, and then under successively greater gravity.

Details: Subject was seated in front of computer screen and given a simple task to execute. (Task appears to be called Zuma Blitz; further details irrelevant.) Subject was allowed to repeat task several times. Scientist C then approached to closely observe subject's motion. After establishing baseline performance, C aligned head with subject's arm so as to properly measure exertion under normal and strong gravity, gradually increasing pressure with each repetition to simulate increasing effects of gravity. After completing application of sufficient gravity, C left the subject and began thoroughly washing contact areas.

Conclusion: Humans are ill-equipped to perform even cursory tasks in stronger gravitational fields. Performance decreased as increasing force was applied. Also, Zuma Blitz is boring.


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