Thursday, February 18, 2010

NHL 10: prospect game

Another in the line of "virtual me" posts ... I broke open NHL 10 today and created a me. A little taller, a little heavier, much, much better at hockey.

Played in the prospects game ... A+/A-/A+ scorecard, 1 minor penalty, 2 assists, +3 in a 4-0 win. Got the third star.

Signed by the Stars. ugh. Three-year contract, standard, I guess. I think I was the number one pick, but EA doesn't let you see how the draft turns out.

Here are my goals:

  • A plus/minus of +14 or better. That makes sense for a defensive D. (It's also low ... because Dallas sucks.)
  • 245 hits. Ouch. (no pun intended) That's 3 per game plus 5 extra hits. I better hit some people.
  • 140 shots would be nice ... not so bad. I typically only shoot from the point off a faceoff win.
  • 24 points would be a bonus ... expect these to be assists, mostly. Hopefully I can manage that.

They're giving me four games to earn a spot on the roster, otherwise I go down to the AHL. Hmm. I suspect those games don't count toward my season goals. I suppose I better play well. I thought it was preseason, but apparently we don't play that.

Maybe I can do something well and earn a trade to a team I don't dislike. (It could have been worse: Calgary, Anaheim, Colorado ...)


  1. You didn't answer the real question. Is the game fun? Do you enjoy the challenge?

  2. It's fun so far, but I haven't played that much. I suppose the fact that I haven't found anything gravely annoying is a good sign ... in Madden or NCAA Football I would have found 10 things they hadn't fixed from previous versions. (I haven't played an NHL game regularly in a while.)


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