Thursday, February 11, 2010

Advertiser fail

Did you know there aren't enough ads in sports games?

No, really.

Wow. I mean, I have done some contract work for an advertising agency, so I know a very little bit about the ideas that get tossed around on a smaller scale, but I still don't agree with most of it ... I think the advertising industry is stuck in the 20th-century paradigm of directing the user's experience, even when every single 21st-century gadget reinforces the idea of the user directing his or her own experience. Be part of that or begone.

Unfortunately, both EA and ESPN have shown that they do not understand this. I'm expecting ESPN to have annoying Snickers placement all over the place next year ... I'm sure it's much better to be working on that or on other unwanted "features" than on fixing bugs in the game (like playoff spots in online franchise mode being determined by alphabetical order).

1 comment:

  1. I think that they might understand but are unwilling to change. However, how much do we want them to change. I know I have a great distaste for advertising and I do my best to avoid many types of marketing. So, do I really want them to workout a better way to market to me when I know I can easily avoid and make fun of their current methods?


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