Monday, March 23, 2009

You can't spell Microsoft without WTF ...

except for the W. Of course, you can't spell it without MF ...

Today, I "picked up" a couple of the Hasbro games to play on the 360. The quarter's over and I'm not taking a class next quarter (applying for full admittance and saving some cash), so I figured I'd get some extra gaming in between workout days.

Red half-ring. Awesome.

What's it mean? Overheating.

WTF? I haven't played a 360 game in weeks.

Like other people have experienced, it's happening right away (in fact, the first time, it didn't even turn on). The last time, I got in about five minutes of playing. After that, I listened for the fan. It seemed to be off at first, then turned on, then went faster and faster, then stopped abruptly.

I don't know, man. I mean, I like this thing and all, but shit, I still have my ORIGINAL NES. The one I bought in college because Patrick had one. I probably even have the receipt for it. I have an Atari 5200 that works.

And I'm expected to buy a 720 here in a year or so? NFW. Not unless you're giving me full trade-in credit.

Of course the warranty's expired. (EDIT: Sorry, I forgot, this is the one I bought because, ha ha, I didn't trust the refurbished one. But still, it's 18 months old. Warranty expired.) This one is now two years old (in this incarnation). So my options are a) fix it myself, ha ha ha, or b) use the old one, or c) buy another new one, ha ha ha, or d) pay to have this one fixed while I try b) or c), and of course pretty much all those options require me to transfer my DLC licenses AGAIN.

Trustworthy gaming, my ass.


  1. You could just give up and play the Wii.

  2. oh no. For me, M = 100W, where M is 360 gaming and W is Wii gaming.

    There are so many more good games for the 360 for people like me, and more still to come out this year.

    Besides, I have Wii Fit, Mario Kart, and Wii Sports ... I do use the Wii, just not nearly as much.

  3. Giggle...giggle...giggle....I love the fact that I need to do algebra to figure out your comments.

  4. So it's a good thing you held on to your refurbished 360. Good idea. I'm glad everything will work out. (that one still works fine, right? I was afraid I was missing something.)

  5. And it's also possible that this one can be repaired. (I have it mostly taken apart, but I need a different set of tools to finish that step.) But there's no guarantee the old one still works. After all, this one worked fine until yesterday, no problems at all.