Thursday, August 21, 2008

Two more things

Ha ha. The Google ad just now was for LASIK surgery. I don't think that's going to help EA write better games.

Also, Starbucks stopped making decaf frappuccinos, which means that probably happened about six months ago and I haven't asked for one since, which is also part of why they don't make them any more. Then again, the prospect of a company known for its service taking away some of your options ... hmm ...


  1. decaf frappuccino? Seriously? There's a market for that?

    Oh wait! There is a decaf frappuccino! It's called Vanilla Bean.

  2. Well sure, the cream-based fraps don't have caffeine (other than what might be in the syrup), but the coffee-based ones do. I just thought I'd try to cut back a bit. Guess that won't be as much of an option now ... and the cream-based ones are really sweet. If I think they're sweet, then they're pretty much solid sugar.


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