Saturday, August 16, 2008

More stupid playcalling

Same game. We have the ball with 2:40 to play, down 10-6 because they cheated. The ball is at the goal line. How would you line up? Goal-line formation, run up the middle, right?

No. You'd line up in the shotgun and call a QB draw. Stupid, but hey, it's going to work. We get everyone blocked up front ... and instead of scoring, the QB decides to slide outside the designed hole and he loses a yard.

Fine, third-and-goal from the two. This time, he does line up in goal line ... but drops back to pass and gets sacked. FG. Still losing, 10-9.

The playcalling is abysmal. Abysmal. I am beginning to think that they actually had Corso decide what plays to call in all situations.

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