Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Bad day ... or maybe not

So today ...

  • I got up after almost eight hours in bed and still was tired at work (okay, I didn't sleep for eight hours, but still, I went to bed about 90 minutes earlier than usual);
  • The stupid sore on the inside of my mouth that feels like it's on my gums won't go away (I can never remember what triggers these: stress? bad brushing? soft drinks? But I cut back!);
  • I discovered a mysterious bug in the little app we were going to roll out to the group that basically blocked our big project on the day that I met the group's leader;
  • There was YET ANOTHER UNANNOUNCED ROAD CLOSURE on the way to the gym, just cones across the intersection and no way through;
  • I forgot my water bottle at home and the gym's vending machine was out as well, so I had nothing to drink during my cardio workout ...
  • which was 15 minutes longer than usual because the machine decided it couldn't deal with me keeping my heart rate "too high", and instead of raising my target rate, it ended the workout;
  • I couldn't even put cheese on my burger tonight because I'm getting my blood drawn for my wellness screening tomorrow and Pepto + blood draw = a very long wait;
  • I'll be fasting for about 10.5 hours for said screening, so I should wake up tomorrow in a fine mood;
  • and the $100 headphones (I got for free with credit card points) I got to replace the crappy ones that Microsoft makes didn't work when I unpacked them.

But you know what? If that's all that life had to shoot at me today, well, that's not such a bad day, is it? :)

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