Friday, May 16, 2008

Yahtzee agrees with me

What? Who?

Yahtzee. Escapist Magazine. Zero Punctuation reviews. (Yes, that's what it means. Five-minute reviews with no punctuation. Just watch one.)

Anyway, he reviews GTA IV, and he likes it. Well, actually, he thinks it's really good. On his scale, that translates roughly to "Best Game Evar." (He's a critic in all senses of the word.)

Also, we see eye to eye on the faults we find with it.

Cars that drive like battleships (unless piloted by AI)? Check.
Tiresome escort missions with people who don't know how to find cover? Check.
"Friends" calling you up and expecting you to make it across town in an hour? Check.
Terrible visibility (didn't they have color in New York in the '90s)? Check.

Read the review, but avoid the ads - there's a pop-over ad at the beginning that can be closed and an ad at the end after the review is over. Bonus points to Yahtzee for the Skid Row clip at the end.

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