Thursday, May 22, 2008

I have thee not, and yet I see thee still

O Spring Update, how I longed for you
I dreamt of your sweet glow on my dashboard
Of fixes, and patches, and DRM that works
But now, you say you cannot be
And hope I will survive without you
Go to hell.

Or not quite. xbox360fanboy reports that the one thing Microsoft will be doing is addressing the DRM issue. (If you haven't heard about it or been affected by it, here's the deal: Microsoft licenses DLC to a console and a gamertag. If both are present, no problems. If only one is present, then it has to check with the server to confirm you're really licensed to see the content - this is typically if you're using a new console because your old one broke. So if you play offline, or Live is down, or you have some crappy port like Sonic where the DRM checking doesn't work right, you can't use the content you licensed.)

In theory, when this tool is rolled out on in June, you'll be able to consolidate your licenses to a single 360. (In the past, you had to call support and they would address a single issue for you. Yeah, right, like I'm spending 30 minutes on the phone for someone to tell me to try rebooting the 360.)

We'll see. I really would like to play Sonic again. Wait, what am I saying? That game was incredibly frustrating.

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