Sunday, October 22, 2006

Off to a bad start

Well, I guess the best thing about Game 1 was that it wasn't one little mistake that cost the Tigers the game. They made enough mistakes to give the Cardinals an advantage if St. Louis had played poorly, and St. Louis did enough things well to win without Tigers mistakes.

Verlander got too many pitches high in the zone, the defense wasn't particularly good, and even though the Tigers were more patient than maybe any other game so far in the playoffs, they didn't hit enough balls on the ground. Reyes kept the Cardinals' bullpen idle until the 9th, negating much of the advantage Detroit had from its six-day layoff.

But the good news is that Rogers is pitching tomorrow, and coming from behind is nothing new to this team. If you believe in omens, the '68 team fell behind 3 games to 1 and still won the Series.

In addition to that, Sparky, the only manager to win the Series in both leagues, recorded his AL title nine years after an NL title.

Nine years ago, Leyland's Marlins won the Series.

(Yes, I know, the last Reds title was in '76, not '75, but see, this is how TV shapes statistics for their story.)

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