Monday, October 16, 2006

Michael Irvin? Reasonable?

Unbelievable. Who would ever have thought it? Michael Irvin as the voice of reason. The ridiculousness that happened in the Florida International-Miami game was made even worse by commentator Lamar Thomas, who basically said that was what was supposed to happen. Irvin said right away that Thomas should have been fired.

However, he quickly reasserted his foolishness by suggesting that the NCAA punishments should be based on the NFL punishments and that the Hurricane players should not be suspended for a full season.

John Swofford, the ACC commissioner, was a fool. One game sending a message that this won't be tolerated? It's the Duke game! If it were only one game, then it would have to be Florida or Florida State, and even at that, it's not enough.

I'd suspend the players for the rest of the season - I'd consider kicking Meriweather off the team, and I'd definitely kick Reddick off the team.

I'd fire Coker immediately.

What did he do? He insisted that he's still in control. That's it. In the meantime, FIU kicked two players off the team and suspended the other involved players indefinitely.

Coker has no control over a program that's been controlled poorly for a long time. The last thing Miami needs is a coach who can't control his players.

The sad thing is that Coker won't be fired for this. He'll be fired because Miami isn't winning enough games.

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