Friday, April 30, 2010

EA: Bringing you mediocre sports games for over 20 years

Playing Madden tonight just because I'd like to see a decent Lions team, which means I need at least two more drafts. Three plays in this game typified the Madden series:

1. The Vikings, up 17-14, attempt a 58-yard field goal. It's "blocked" and we get the ball. Well, actually, it wasn't blocked. The stupid right guard, seeing that no one was coming through his position but that there were people coming around the left side, pulled back as if to block on that side, and the ball was kicked right into him ... except it somehow stuck in his body and he was tackled in the backfield. There are about 10 things wrong with that play.

2. On second down, I hit Pettigrew coming back toward the line of scrimmage. Every veteran Madden player knows why you don't do this: the programmers didn't bother to look up NFL rules on forward progress and don't care. You're down where you're tackled. So of course I lost two yards instead of gaining six.

3. I tried a long field goal that was short, I guess. I couldn't really tell because the camera angle was excruciatingly bad. (Maybe it was a CBS camera.) EA wasted all this time on "presentation" to make the game look like TV coverage. Too bad nobody wants it.

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