Friday, January 23, 2009

I'm sorry, Mr. Mayhew, he's unavailable right now

Tim Tebow is returning for his senior year.

Translation: "I'm not going to Detroit."

Sam Bradford is returning for his junior year.

Translation: "I'm not going to Detroit."

Now Matt Cassel says he'll back up Brady in New England again if Brady returns.

Translation: he's not Lucifer.

So who's going to pull the trigger for Scott Linehan in 2009?

Probably not Kitna, because he was thrown under the bus and likely won't return even if Schwartz wanted him to. While some combination of Orlovsky/Stanton/Henson will return, it'll likely be in a backup role (unless Detroit does pick a QB high, and I don't see that happening).

I'd guess the guy who happened to shine under Linehan in Minnesota.

You think Culpepper's happy to be reunited with his old OC?

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