Thursday, October 02, 2008

Vice-presidential ... debate?

If you can watch that and still believe that Sarah Palin is qualified for any office, much less VP of the United States, may your higher power have mercy on your soul.


  1. She was coached very well. I will say that. And she held her own. I really can't be too gleeful. She didn't do as poorly as I had hoped.

  2. She does follow explicit instructions well.

    However, she only "held her own" because she refused to debate. She would challenge Biden if he critiqued McCain, but she could only provide scripted responses (see "94 votes", "corruption", ...).

    The part about refusing to answer the moderator's questions for the most part and providing simple "Yes" or "No" answers the rest of the time would have worked better against Obama in the first debate, because he was more likely to ignore the question as it was posed. Biden made specific attempts to answer questions (and said as much), no doubt from Obama's camp anticipating this tactic.

    After the first debate, talking heads agreed that it was pretty much a draw, but most polls tilted pretty heavily in Obama's favor, and he got a nice bounce in the election poll afterward. The polls I've seen have also tilted heavily toward Biden (with one exception), so I'd expect another bounce shortly ...

    ... and I wouldn't expect Palin to say anything unscripted between now and the time when she returns to the governor's mansion in Juneau.