Friday, February 29, 2008

Hello, my good friend

Ah yes, there you are. Your solid blue casing, your familiar buttons ... that 10-key pad I know so well ... trivia, dear trivia, we are reunited again.

Stopped at Damon's for dinner (ribs, yum) and trivia. Surprised that the one here in Ann Arbor is all SD. Dominated as usual (topped the board on Get Reel, which was a pleasant surprise). Then back to the room for some 360 gaming (got to work on that Auto-Challenge). A quick 150 on arcade games should give me a good start. It's a one-week challenge. Too bad Avatar isn't arriving soon.

I didn't bring any retail ones because they'd look bad in SD. Wonder if that Wyndham in Chicago has HD in the rooms? Can't remember.

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