Saturday, May 12, 2007

Say what?

I'm looking at my quarantine report from my ISP today. I notice that there's something on it from the NFL (yawn), but it's a survey. Interesting. I release it, it arrives in my inbox. It's a survey about the Super Bowl. (Excellent - maybe I can tell them that the off week is ridiculous, the game shouldn't take 4.5 hours, and Janet Jackson is still a lying ... )

So I click on the link.

"Sorry, this survey is closed."

What? It's not quite 1 PM. The message was quarantined at 1:19 PM yesterday. There's no mention of any date or anything in the e-mail, just "Click this link to take the survey."

So they close it less than 24 hours after sending out invites. Nice. I unsubscribed from the NFL's mailing list after that. Well, to be fair, I would have done it anyway, because I'm using gmail for that kind of e-mail now, but still, why would you do something that dumb, suggesting to your fans that you care about their opinion and slamming the virtual door in their faces when they show up to give it to you?

Fine, I'll tell you my opinion right now. The Super Bowl is the most overblown sporting event in the world, and nothing else is even close, not even a game that Gus Johnson announces. It's incredibly boring, it takes way too long, most of the commercials are terrible, the announcers suck half the time, the halftime show usually sucks too, and if it weren't for gambling, most people wouldn't care either.

Not that we actually gamble, because, you know, outside of Vegas, it's illegal.

You couldn't pay me enough to see a Super Bowl in person. I hope Indy never gets one. I don't want to go through two weeks of paying twice as much for everything and having our roads clogged with people driving bigwigs around.

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