Monday, May 21, 2007

Nothin' but a sandwich

Got my first 300K score on Guitar Hero II. Free Bird, naturally. Only missed 40 notes in the whole song (1201/1241), and 90% in Gtr Solo I (which is the crazy one). Someday, maybe, I can get the Yngwie award. Someday.

I'm on the seventh set on Hard, which also gives me hope. Actually, I've completed one of those songs. (The Trooper, naturally.) 14 five-star performances, 11 four-star, and 12 three-star (plus assorted extras), so I am gradually learning. I did have to practice Kansas and Heart a bit, and will have to practice some more, plus those three-star performances are costing me a lot of money. Can't unlock those characters without extra money.

I can't imagine how people get a billion points on this.

Where are the other songs? Seriously. It shouldn't take that long to come out with track packs. Then again, maybe they felt guilty for the exorbitant cost of the initial packs. Well, okay, probably not.

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