Thursday, January 11, 2007

We've shipped ...

After the Post Office's latest fiasco (the letter carrier refused to deliver my mail because my neighbor's car was partially blocking access to my mailbox, slowing down his 20-mph run around our circle), I sent back Madden 07 for the Wii Saturday the 30th. I figured out early this week that it hadn't arrived at GameFly yet, but after checking my queue and seeing that there weren't any good games available, I didn't bother to complain (basically, you say it was lost, they ship you the next game, and end up canceling the complaint when the game finally arrives). Of course, late last week, almost everything was available.

Finally, this afternoon, I get the message that they've received it. Good news: Bomberman: Act Zero, #8 in my queue, is available now. Will others become available? Will I have to play Super Swing Golf for the Wii? (This may be academic because I have Zelda at home.) Only time will tell.

That hasn't stopped me from refreshing my queue every five minutes or so.

Update: Four more games are available, including Rayman Raving Rabbids. I think I might wait for that for the 360, though, so for now, we're going with The Godfather.

Update: Saints Row is available too, so now that moves up to #2 behind Viva Pinata. (I know, but it's supposed to be pretty cool. On the other hand, I might move it down just in case.)

Update: Ha ha ha. Now Dead or Alive Extreme 2 is available. It can't possibly suck as much as Rumble Roses XX (so bad I didn't even keep it long enough to get an achievement).

Last update: Saints Row shipped. Sweeeeeet.

Last, last update: I got Saints Row for late Christmas. Ha ha on GameFly.

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