Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I miss you, Tech TV ...

I'm trying to watch what little content is worthwhile on XPlay tonight (which is dumb, because I subscribe to the podcast, so I'd see it, but you know, Morgan Webb is hot, so it's worth watching now), but I keep being reminded of why the G4-Tech TV merger pretty much squeezed the life out of the tech shows. XPlay is about all that's left, and they keep trying to move it to stupid time slots (although they finally figured out that it's about all that people watch, so 11:00 Eastern wasn't a great choice). But when you look at what's on it these days - lame shows or shows that have been on about five other channels already - why would anyone older than 12 watch it anyway? I'd tell you what else besides XPlay is worth watching, but their website sucks too, and it takes too long to load anything. Plus, the on-screen chat is just stupid (Star Trek 2.0? whatever) - it takes up too much space, especially when you get the letterboxing when watching on a 4:3 screen.

It's sad, because Tech TV had some decent shows back in the day, and now they're almost all gone, and G4 is seemingly trying to kill off XPlay as well. (The video viewer mail has to go.)

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