Thursday, December 01, 2011

Pain in the butt phone

So even though my HTC Incredible doesn't have the HTC-branded keylogger that was deliberately planted on so many Android phones, it didn't have Gingerbread: I had the same issues a lot of other people did, mostly because of HTC's buggy update installation process (which is related to the whole "low on disk space" error when you're not low on disk space). I had the update downloaded, but the phone wouldn't reboot to install it, and it wouldn't say why.

Fortunately, I found instructions that helped me install the update on my own. It was mildly alarming, though, to see that my phone rejected a date change even when I turned off automatic date and time updates (I had to set it ahead one month because one year wouldn't "take") ... seems like more of that can't-opt-out behavior that's the whole problem with the Carrier IQ keylogger. (FWIW, I think that company should be fined a certain amount for every phone from which it collects this data; do the same thing to the company installing the software and this won't happen again.)

UPDATE: Same issue as back in December. Phone says I need an update, downloads it, says there's no room to install it, doesn't tell me again after I clear disk space. Follow the same steps, update installs. So between HTC and Google, no one could fix this issue from the last time it happened ... maybe Microsoft isn't so foolish trying to work their way into the cell market. After all, when they entered the console market, Sony and Nintendo had established themselves as dominant players, just forcing Sega out ... and now, Microsoft's a major player, with Nintendo on the periphery and even Sony struggling to keep up. Microsoft has a ton of money and has been doing this for a long time. If Google isn't careful, these OS issues will send people elsewhere.

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