Monday, November 21, 2011

boo wiper blades

I spent about 45 minutes changing my wiper blades today: 40 minutes determining exactly how much Honda's setup sucks and 5 minutes doing the job right once I found good instructions.

I have a 2007 Civic Hybrid, which is awesome because a) it gets great mileage (so not sarcastic) and b) it falls right in between the '06 and '08, which means you can't just go to any old store and be sure to get the right blades, because that chassis isn't in the book (thus sarcasm).

I finally gave up and went to AutoZone, and the guy there set me up with what I figured I'd need: two Rain-X blades, a 26" for the driver's side and a 22" for the passenger's side. (Expensive? Probably, but I change my blades about once every five years, and we get a lot of rain and snow here.)

After wasting time on the Honda owner's manual (pull at the tabs? ha ha), I found this link to a forum post that had pictures. It's for an Si sedan, but it works the same on the Civic Hybrid: use a screwdriver to pop the cap off and then remove the blades like you normally would. The caps don't go back on with third-party blades, but who cares? They seem to work fine, and with 2 inches of rain set for tomorrow, I just need a clean windshield.

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