Thursday, June 09, 2011

Not 95-degree weather

Yes, folks, today I went on a little ride and I did not sweat like an Ohio State fan awaiting the NCAA's verdict. It was a relatively short ride, from BGI North to the farmers' market at roughly 56th and Emerson IIRC, then back. (We took a shortmedium-length break when we were there for snacks. I had a white-chocolate-covered strawberry from Chocolate for the Spirit, light on the chocolate. I wanted pulled pork and such, but it was still in the 80s and we had about 7 miles to ride back.)

We rode at a pretty good clip on the way there, just under 13 mph by my phone's calculations, and a good bit of that uphill. The one good climb was on the way back, though ... my hill work on Tuesday did remind my legs of what to do, but we really couldn't build up any speed at the bottom (crossing Fall Creek, for one, and waiting for oncoming traffic for another), so I was doing my 100-rpm spin in 1-1. lol. Oh! Summary: 17.68 miles, 1:15, 12.48 mph. Max speed, 24.61, pedaling downhill. (I probably could have gone faster, but it's not good practice to run over fellow cyclists, especially on road bikes. They can catch you.)

The farmers' market was definitely worth it, though. Lots of interesting food there. We'll have to go some time when we can take some food back with us ... the Camelbak that I have is the slim 50-ounce kind, and when it's at capacity, if I have my first aid kit as well, there isn't really room for cargo.

It was good to get out in cooler weather and to ride twice in a week. Might do a longer ride at some point, or maybe just more hill work.

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  1. Sweeeet. Too bad you didn't get in on that fruit kabob. Of course, it's understandable since I ate it so quickly :-)

    I showed a speed of 12.7 and 17.7 miles on my cyclometer. I wish I remember what the cyclometer said after the first leg.

  2. I did a bit of slow-riding in the parking lot and such, so that might contribute, plus I think we determined my cyclometer is just a bit off from yours.

    For some reason, the fruit on its own didn't look that appealing to me. Needs moar chocolate.

  3. I'm just impressed that your phone (mytracks?) was so close to my cyclometer. iMapMyRide is usually way off because I'm pretty sure it's timing the entire time it's on... not just when I'm moving. I should probably move to mytracks, but change is so hard... :-)

    iMapMyRide said 12.88mph on the way out, and 10.70mph on the way back.

  4. There is also Move! Bike Computer that is pretty cool app.


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