Monday, May 24, 2010

Steve Jobs does too know what century this is

Friendly advocate blog Consumerist tells us that Apple has apparently had an epiphany: ceaselessly mocking customers you'd like to win over is not a good thing. Yes, the obnoxious "I'm a Mac" ads are finally dead, hopefully being replaced by something that actually tells you why you should buy a Mac.

Next thing you know, Apple will do something else crazy, like make an iPhone that lets you replace the battery.

Of course it's not all fun and smart moves in the Apple world, at least not for their partners. AT&T had the great idea to increase their early termination fees for iPhones (and apparently all other phones). To clarify, by "great" I mean "great if your ultimate goal is to make sure Congress feasts on your stupidity next."

In related news, Verizon and Sprint execs could not be reached for comment ... apparently they're off in the Bahamas figuring out how they're going to spend all the money they'll be getting from pissed-off AT&T customers. (Nobody caught the Verizon guy in time to tell him that his ETFs are still astronomical, but it doesn't matter that much. Anger at AT&T has been building from the moment they overcommitted to the iPhone.)


  1. I foresee no future with a replaceable battery. They just want me to buy a new iPod every 3 years.

    And...the google product does copy the iPhone fairly well. I no longer have a desire for that product.

  2. It does so well enough and is much less controlled ... basically, it's history repeating itself. Windows did not dominate because it was better, it dominated because it was good enough and more widely available. The iPhone isn't going to disappear, but it will be challenged in ways Jobs probably does not consider.


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