Friday, December 25, 2009

Microsoft + Verizon: tons of money, massive stupidity

So this Bing, I suppose someone out there is using it. (I saw one of the commercials once. Apparently Bing is for people who don't want to find too much online.) And it's Microsoft, the company that has been fined millions and millions on multiple continents and still doesn't learn.

Anyway, Consumerist says that the Register and the New York Times reported that searching via an app (do people really do that?) can now be done with either Bing or ... Bing.

Verizon gets $500 million. You get the least useful application on the internet.

Merry Christmas, everyone, from Ivan Seidenberg to you.


  1. Bastards! I was Binged a few weeks ago and I couldn't get google back on my search bar until I reformatted my HD.

    Merry Christmas

  2. Next time we can take a look. On a computer, it doesn't work the same way.

    Merry Christmas to you too!

  3. They tried to Bing me, but I said no. I'm suspicious of all new things until they pass the "z test"