Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Dear old people,

I understand that you want your independence and all that, and maybe when it's dark and rainy, you aren't quite as comfortable as you were when you were, I don't know, my age or something.

But if you can't get yourself to drive faster than 50 in a 65, and you're in what's soon to be the left lane of an interstate highway, and traffic is merging into your lane, get off the road, or at the very least, get into the far right lane.

You're a danger to yourselves and those around you.

not old people


  1. Um, I would be careful with how I threw around phrases like "old people" if I were you...

  2. Are you calling Julia Roberts old?

    Because she's my age, you know.

  3. Of course not. I'm just saying that SHE wouldn't be calling anyone old... Something to keep in mind.

  4. Actually, what I was keeping in mind was that a cow-catcher would have been very useful just then.


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