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Rock Band song difficulties

Just in case you're playing in a band and haven't figured out which songs to try. Keep in mind that these are sorted by the average of the set for all three solo instruments in which they appear: your group experience may vary, especially if there's only two or three of you.

EDIT: I think I'm going to swap this out for a link to a Google spreadsheet. I figured out the bass sets and dumped in pretty much everything, plus fields that show the average difficulty for every combination of instruments. That won't mean anything here.

P.S. Run To The Hills is still teh impossible.

h2. One-point songs
  • In Bloom, Nirvana, 1.0 (guitar 1, drums 1, vocals 1)
  • Anyone can play this song.
  • Maps, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, 1.7 (guitar 1, drums 3, vocals 1)
  • Interesting song. Not so bad.
  • Garbage, I Think I'm Paranoid, 1.7 (guitar 2, drums 1, vocals 2)
  • eh.
  • Weezer, Say It Ain't So, 1.7 (guitar 3, drums 1, vocals 1)
  • Not bad, although I like My Name Is Jonas better.

h2. Two-point songs
  • Here It Goes Again, OK Go, 2.0 (guitar 1, drums 2, vocals 3)
  • eh.
  • Blitzkrieg Bop, Ramones, 2.3 (guitar 2, drums 4, vocals 1)
  • Good song, but make sure you've got someone with experience on drums.
  • Creep, Radiohead, 2.3 (guitar 4, drums 1, vocals 2)
  • Not bad.

h2. Three-point songs
  • Should I Stay or Should I Go, The Clash, 3.0 (guitar 1, drums 4, vocals 4)
  • Not a bad song, but not a good choice for new bands.
  • Wave of Mutilation, Pixies, 3.0 (guitar 2, drums 2, vocals 5)
  • Didn't care for this one much, especially not the vocals.
  • Learn to Fly, Foo Fighters, 3.0 (guitar 3, drums 4, vocals 2)
  • Good song. This is about as far as you want to go until you get a couple of other songs down. With an experienced guitarist, though, you can move further.
  • Orange Crush, R.E.M., 3.3 (guitar 2, drums 5, vocals 3)
  • R.E.M. is one of my least favorite bands.
  • The Hand That Feeds, Nine Inch Nails, 3.3 (guitar 2, drums 4, vocals 4)
  • Not bad, although like other songs with spoken/freestyle lyrics, it suffers a bit.
  • Celebrity Skin, Hole, 3.3 (guitar 4, drums 2, vocals 4)
  • Some jokes write themselves, don't they?
  • Mississippi Queen, as made famous by Mountain, 3.7 (guitar 1, drums 2, vocals 8)
  • Try this song as a new band and you'll be looking for a new singer.
  • Epic, Faith No More, 3.7 (guitar 5, drums 3, vocals 3)
  • I like this song, but it's really not suited for singing ... there are worse songs for that, though.

h2. Four-point songs
  • Sabotage, Beastie Boys, 4.0 (guitar 3, drums 5, vocals 4)
  • This might be my least favorite song in the game. The fact that almost all the lyrics are freestyle is part of it.
  • Go with the Flow, Queens of the Stone Age, 4.0 (guitar 3, drums 7, vocals 2)
  • I like them no more than I did in GH III, which is to say, not much.
  • Black Hole Sun, Soundgarden, 4.0 (guitar 5, drums 4, vocals 3)
  • Finally, a decent song in the 4s.
  • Paranoid, as made famous by Black Sabbath, 4.0 (guitar 6, drums 5, vocals 1)
  • Now you can make it up to your singer after trying Mississippi Queen.
  • Wanted Dead or Alive, Bon Jovi, 4.0 (guitar 6, drums 5, vocals 1)
  • Good song.
  • Main Offender, The Hives, 5.3 (guitar 5, drums 3, vocals 5)
  • Well, it's not Queens of the Stone Age.
  • Gimme Shelter, The Rolling Stones, 4.7 (guitar 4, drums 2, vocals 8)
  • Mick's voice is only an 8 difficulty? Hmm.
  • Reptilia, The Strokes, 4.7 (guitar 5, drums 3, vocals 6)
  • Not a fan of this either.
  • Dani California, Red Hot Chili Peppers, 4.7 (guitar 6, drums 5, vocals 3)
  • eh.

h2. Five-point songs
  • Detroit Rock City, KISS, 5.3 (guitar 3, drums 7, vocals 6)
  • Hell yes. I voted for this song.
  • When You Were Young, The Killers, 5.3 (guitar 4, drums 6, vocals 6)
  • Glad to see this was in both GH III and Rock Band. I hadn't heard it before GH III and it really grew on me.
  • (Don't Fear) The Reaper, Blue Öyster Cult, 5.3 (guitar 6, drums 8, vocals 2)
  • Yeah, this is kind of a difficult song for drummers, but it's worth it.
  • Electric Version, The New Pornographers, 5.7 (guitar 4, drums 6, vocals 7)
  • I liked this song a little more once I saw the lyrics, but it's still eh.
  • Suffragette City, David Bowie, 5.7 (guitar 5, drums 3, vocals 9)
  • Not my favorite Bowie song, but I guess most of them wouldn't translate well?
  • Vasoline, Stone Temple Pilots, 5.7 (guitar 7, drums 6, vocals 4)
  • Sorry, the misspelling (for trademark reasons?) bugs me.

h2. Six-point songs
  • Are You Gonna Be My Girl, Jet, 6.0 (guitar 6, drums 5, vocals 7)
  • Another song that I liked more once I saw the lyrics. For some reason, the intro makes me think of Lust For Life, one of the most overplayed songs in commercial history.
  • Ballroom Blitz, as made "famous" by Sweet, 6.3 (guitar 7, drums 7, vocals 5)
  • Well, they do have T. Rex's version of Bang a Gong, but you know, if you did Smokin' in the Boys Room, would you use Mötley Crüe or Brownsville Station? (Then again, these are the guys who put White Lion's version of Radar Love into Rocks the '80s.)
  • Dead on Arrival, Fallout Boy, 6.7 (guitar 7, drums 7, vocals 6)
  • Not bad at all.

h2. Seven-point songs
Now you've got some experience and can start throwing it down.
  • Cherub Rock, Smashing Pumpkins, 7.0 (guitar 8, drums 8, vocals 5)
  • Another GH III/Rock Band shared track. I like this song.
  • Enter Sandman, Metallica, 7.3 (guitar 8, drums 8, vocals 5)
  • Hell yeah!
  • Welcome Home, Coheed and Cambria, 7.3 (guitar 8, drums 6, vocals 8)
  • Um, okay, whatever.
  • Green Grass and High Tides, as made famous by The Outlaws, 7.3 (guitar 9, drums 6, vocals 7)
  • Two things you need to know about this song: one is that it's the hardest guitar song in the game, and the other is that it's a loooooong song. Good for points, bad if you're going to mess up a solo near the end.
  • Next to You, The Police, 7.7 (guitar 7, drums 9, vocals 7)
  • This is the Police song you include in the game? There are like 50 Police songs better than this, including the three in the DLC pack.

h2. Eight-point songs
Ready to knock out some of those achievements, huh?
  • Won't Get Fooled Again, The Who, 8.0 (guitar 7, drums 9, vocals 8)
  • I got chills the first time I played this song.
  • Train Kept A Rollin', as made famous by Aerosmith, 8.0 (guitar 9, drums 7, vocals 8)
  • Yeah, this one's kind of hard.
  • Foreplay/Long Time, Boston, 8.3 (guitar 8, drums 8, vocals 9)
  • Another great song.
  • Flirtin' with Disaster, as made famous by Molly Hatchet, 8.3 (guitar 9, drums 9, vocals 7)
  • I think this is one of the two I haven't passed on Hard guitar.
  • Tom Sawyer, as made famous by Rush, 8.7 (guitar 8, drums 9, vocals 9)
  • Geddy Lee's voice is only a 9 difficulty?
  • Highway Star, Deep Purple, 8.7 (guitar 9, drums 8, vocals 9)
  • The song in the game's intro. I like Deep Purple. This might be a master track - I need to confirm. Yep, a master track. This is a great song.

h2. Bring it on!
  • Run to the Hills, as made famous by Iron Maiden, 9.0
  • Knock this one out and you can play pretty much anything you want.

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