Thursday, October 18, 2007

Slacking off

Sorry for not posting more often. It's a busy time. I'm desperately falling behind with respect to XBLA reviews - I'll work on catching up on those this quarter. Between class and the Orange Box and Puzzle Quest (can you really be between three things? should that be among?), with Beautiful Katamari on the way, a few Crackdown achievements left, and Forza 2 wondering why I'm ignoring it, I should have plenty of games to cover soon.

Plus Guitar Hero III is just around the corner. (Right about when my first presentation is due, which is right before I leave for my weekend in Virginia. Good timing.) And then Rock Band is a few weeks later ...



  1. I'm supposed to be appeased with this? Seriously?

  2. Yep. Think of it as an unintended side effect of refusing to help me with Guitar Hero II two-player achievements.

    You're stifling my creativity.

  3. I'm sorry - I think the other participant in our dinners would be more than happy to help you out with that. Where are the extended invitations?


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