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PS2 review: Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s (6/10)

Warning: spoilers involved. Don't read this unless you want to know all the tracks in the game.

Let's go through each set, one at a time.

Set 1 songs

  • Quiet Riot: (Bang Your Head) Metal Health
  • A good start.
  • Go-Go's: We Got The Beat
  • Kind of a surprise, but it works here.
  • Flock of Seagulls: I Ran (So Far Away) [as performed by]
  • Not bad, but it seems like they took some of the keyboards and made them into guitar notes.
  • Accept: Balls To The Wall
  • Standard metal fare.

Set 1 encore

  • Skid Row: 18 And Life
  • Nice encore tune. Moves around a bit, but not too difficult on Hard.

Set 2 songs

  • Scorpions: No One Like You
  • Good song, and a good way to start the set.
  • Eddie Money: Shakin'
  • Not bad, I like this one too.
  • Asia: Heat Of The Moment
  • My favorite Asia song, one of the best in the game. Too bad it's not the original and they don't do the guitar solo correctly.
  • White Lion: Radar Love



Not only did they defame the game by including a cover of the song (hey, the original was a '70s song anyway), but it's a bad cover. Bad. Loss of one point.

I mean, seriously. There's a White Lion song in here and it isn't Wait?

Set 2 encore

  • Limozeen: Because, It's Midnite
  • Um ... what? Did someone break into the game and wreck the last half of set 2? This isn't even worth putting in the game, and on top of it, you won't get points from it. I posted a perfect 55K. boo.

Set 3 songs

  • Dio: Holy Diver
  • Okay, back on track. Good song.
  • Vapors: Turning Japanese
  • Uh, whatever. The pop influence, I guess.
  • 38 Special: Hold On Loosely
  • I really like this song too. Not a bad set so far.
  • Scandal: The Warrior [as performed by]
  • Nice. Get rid of Turning Japanese and we could have had a really solid set.

Set 3 encore

  • Twisted Sister: I Wanna Rock [as performed by]
  • Awesome! The one thing they should have added was the lead singer asking the crowd what they wanted to do with their lives. This was a solid set.

Set 4 songs

  • Romantics: What I Like About You
  • Not a bad song.
  • Police: Synchronicity II
  • Sting is not a good singer to have to copy.
  • Krokus: Ballroom Blitz
  • I couldn't tell right away if this was real or not. I like Krokus' version better than the original.
  • Oingo Boingo: Only A Lad
  • Um ... this isn't Karaoke Revolution.

Set 4 encore

  • Ratt: Round And Round
  • Nice. Songs by the two artists at the first real concert I went to see (they opened for Billy Squier).

Set 5 songs

  • Poison: Ain't Nothin' But A Good Time

um ...

that's not the title. Those lyrics don't even appear in the song. This is inexcusable. Loss of a point. (At least the song is good.)
  • Billy Squier: Lonely Is The Night
  • Good song.
  • Faster Pussycat: Bathroom Wall
  • Hadn't heard this one before, but it's not bad.
  • X: Los Angeles
  • Who?

Set 5 encore

  • Iron Maiden: Wrathchild
  • Nice. I forgot about this one. Unfortunately, The Trooper is 10x cooler.

Set 6 songs

  • Judas Priest: Electric Eye [as performed by]
  • Hadn't heard this one before. Nice touch to get their version of it.
  • Dead Kennedys: Police Truck
  • One punk song per game, huh? It's not a bad song, I guess.
  • Winger: Seventeen
  • Nice song, but not sure this is the type of song for this set.
  • Anthrax: Caught In A Mosh
  • eh.

Final encore

  • Extreme: Play With Me

Okay, it's nice that it has Mozart stuff in it, I guess, but seriously? This is the best you had? From the '80s? Seriously?

I never heard this song before. Sorry, not impressed.

So that's it. Hmm ... where to begin.

No Van Halen? No AC/DC? No Bon Jovi? No Cinderella? No Def Leppard? No Dokken? No Tesla? No Autograph?

And that's just from my own collection.

No additional songs to unlock. (Maybe the developers ran out of their own tunes to include. Ha ha. Oh wait, that probably wasn't a joke.)

No career score. Like GH II, there isn't even a cumulative score for each level like they had in GH I.

This is very Madden-ish: the exact same game, only with new songs. (Actually, it's not even as much as you got in GH II.) At least they have the working hammer-ons and pull-offs.

Sorry to say it, but I don't recommend this game at full price. You won't get your money's worth. I hope Rock Band and GH III are worth it, because we're definitely getting screwed for the time being, between this and the lack of track packs (four in all, after the last one, but still only three songs per pack).

zlionsfan's rating: 6 rounds of sardonic applause out of 10.

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