Thursday, June 21, 2007

A New Hope

Now I think I should have paid more attention when my relatives were going through this stuff. (I don't think any of them had intestinal cancer, though.)

We met with the oncologist Friday. Calle liked this office better: they have shag carpeting on the exam tables. In fact, she didn't want to go back in the carrier at first. He agreed that there was a mass, thought it might be intestinal, and wanted to get some cells from it. They kept her for the afternoon, took some samples and an ultrasound, and sent off the samples for analysis.

The ultrasound showed that the mass was in the intestinal area, but it's still not certain. We got results today, and it looks like it's intestinal adenocarcinoma. (Almost at the bottom of the page.)

So Calle has an appointment tomorrow morning. The surgeon is going to consult with us, examine her briefly, and then do a chest X-ray just to make sure it's not spread to the chest cavity. If it hasn't, then they'll put her under the knife. She'll probably be home Monday.

All things considered, there is definitely cause for optimism. I am hoping for the best.


  1. That's good news and I'm glad to hear it.

    I'm still curious as to why Calle has earned the label "best cat you've ever had" though...

  2. Well, because she is. She doesn't chew on wires or poop randomly throughout the house or knock things off tables for no reason or any of those other annoying-cat behaviors.

    Also, because she's the first cat I personally had. It is possible that somewhere down the line, Josie will inherit that title.


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